Chaser EP Review

Chaser - Take What You’re Given EP

Release Date: July 8, 2016

Genre: Pop Punk, Alt Rock


With a new name and a clean slate, the ex-easycore Chaser had a lot to prove with their first EP under a new name. Formerly known as Settle The Tides, Chaser rocks the scene with their four track pop punk debut Take What You’re Given. From anthemic beats and overdriven rhythms reminiscent of 90s grunge/alt rock to slick leads just as catchy as their lyrics, it is very easy to get these melodies stuck in your head; and let it be known, you won’t want them to leave. Take What You’re Given kicks off with the I-wanna-jump-my-heart-out feel every pop rock anthem should aspire to, as heard with track one: All Over The Place. The band’s easycore past can be felt in the bridge of track three “If There’s A Will, There’s A Way Out” - “I dwell on all my past mistakes/We just got lost along the way,” sung at a growl that can be compared to none other than Four Year Strong, provides the aggression needed to open the crowd up. This should not be left alone to coincidence, as Four Year Strong’s very own Alan Day produced the boys’ EP up in his home state of Massachusetts. The EP ends with the banger “Mirror” which is most memorable for its kickass (shredass?) guitar solo - a true, living taste of rock n roll. Aggressive, melodic, jumpy - look out for Chaser.

Rating: 7.5/10

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