KIDS is on the rise.  The band KIDS, that is.  Although the four piece has been playing together since they were in high school, the name wasn’t born until 2012.  They had a goal to make music to create art for themselves rather than try to be apart of an industry.  A year later they dropped their debut album “Sink Or Swim”, which is tantamount to your favorite indie/ alternative music.  They continued their musical journey with their first full length album “Rich Coast”, which varies cleverly from song to song.  

With the ideal goal to just make music whether it’d be professionally or just a hobby the band decided to keep pushing forward to create what they felt was genuine art, rather than worrying about the industry side of a career in music.  Ironically, however, this was when they started gaining traction; building up followers and creating a fan base.  It’s always respectable when artists can attract fans simply by doing something they love to do.  “I think it kinda comes across in our music is, is adventure.  We really believe that, you know, in order to have like, uh, adolescent, child-like spirit you gotta have a sense of discovery, and a sense of adventure.  Really just turn over every stone around you and find something that inspires you.” - Joshua Diaz, lead singer.

In 2013 the band released their debut EP “Sink Or Swim”.  With spunky, melodic leads combined with smooth and emotional rhythm the 6 track EP carries the listener alongside the band’s intentions as artists.  Though they only play the title track live nowadays it sits well amongst the more recent tracks in a live set.  Reminiscent of an early Coldplay or Tame Impala romanced slightly with bands like MGMT or The Killers the cleverly-written EP was only a reawakening to the band's’ musical talents.

Their musical journey continued with their first full-length album “Rich Coast” which features 12 (adjective) tracks.  

All in all it’d be wise to keep an ear out for KIDS.  They're always in the studio conjuring up something new for their fans.  The next time their is name on a line up close it'd be an amazing choice to see them play live.  Watching them utilize all their equipment, even jumping back and forth between instruments, is an impressing performance.  If their endeavors keep leading to the creative, emotionally driven music then South Florida will have more artists to be proud of.